A little about AngelsTear:



So many wonderful memories with this toon.

Angel was created after a special friend left me his

Windblade.   I didn't want to sell it, didn't really want to

just leave it in my inventory rotting so I made a toon

to use it.  I ended up playing her a lot and she

was MA in a guild for a short time.  I didn't really like being

MA.  Never really felt good enough, always worrying too

much about other people possibly dying, and my need for hitting things

has came to an end.

I still play Angel now and then when people need things

tanked and I keep her gear updated just for this reason.

Someday I may play her again more as a main, but for now

I am content playing Justa and living the easier life as

a casting class.

AngelsTear's Maeglo


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