~:~ Desire ~:~


Sweeping black gown of transparent lace.
The essence of desire worn with such grace.
Ruby red lips being teasingly moistened.
Light fragrance on skin; mans greatest poison.

Fingertip touches with intimate grins.
Legs sliding smoothly up masculine shins.
Hot breaths felt on soft hidden places.
The look of pure passion on both of their faces.

The sound of the bodies as they thrash with a beat.
Candlelight flickering...reflecting their heat.
The sounds of pure pleasure as desires are met.
Two exhausted lovers, covered in sweat.

Shadows fade from the candles soft glow.
Caring and loving, never ceasing to flow.
The last tender kisses are passed in the night.
Slumber falls deeply through the break of dawns light.
~:~ PrpleTears ~:~

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