~:~ Juanita ~:~

She once held the hand of the old stranger there.
A family one trusted, she knew not to beware.
While putting his hands in the little girls gown.
The world of Juanita came tumbling down.

She was never a child yet a little girl stood.
Looking through windows where she seldom saw good.
Dark clouds have formed....though the suns out today.
The little one bravely lived life in a haze.

She finally found love and she gave him her heart.
He took her away and he made her life hard.
Then two babies were born and she had to be strong.
The love she had trusted had some how went wrong.

Now stronger a woman she stands by the door.
She knows what has hurt her, can't hurt her no more.
The sun starts to shine through the darkest of skies.
She smiles through the pane and she knows she'll get by.
Yes she smiles through the pain and she knows she'll get by.


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