A little about Justa:


Justa was actually created long before she was ever played seriously.

As you will see upon reading, most of my toons were created to help out

another pre-existing toon.  I play two machines , two accounts so

I am always making helpers for my characters.

Something happens to me while doing this,

I grow to love the toon that is being played more

than the toon they were only assisting.  Such is the story of Justa.

Pet toys!! Wonderful wonderful pet toys!!

This is the first reason Justa was created, you know... level her up,

make toys for my necro, my druid, my beastlord, shaman and

my friends toons too! Woot... I'd be all set.  So I started playing her

hot and heavy.  Then I realized , "hey she has some power"

I really started investing in her, both time wise and plat wise.

Tearsy, my druid is an excellent companion for her and her pet

and the two of them with the help of friends grew together.

Now I basically consider Justa my "main" if you were to ask.

Although,  in my heart of hearts, I have not one "main" but several.

Justa is my second toon with her epic 1.0.  I am a little intimidated

by the 1.5 and scared to death of the 2.0  but who know's...maybe

someday!   Justadreamer is also the only character I have been

playing to see the higher end of the game.  Recently joining

a guild that is on their way up, she is getting keys and flags and

seeing places that in my 3 years of playing I have never seen.

Go Justa Go!

I am not pushing her to level 70 just yet.  There are some AA's

that I really want for her; soon though.


UPDATE JAN 25, 2006- Justa is now lvl 70 with over 500aa.  :)

Update August 12, 2008- Lvl 80, 2600+ AA, Has Epic 2.0 , Officer of Avatar Elite...and still going strong!!


casting coth spell

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