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A little about Lacy:


Lacydelight was created a very long time ago because

my druid got strongly addicted to C3 and I grew

very tired of waiting till someone came into

the zone selling it.  I never really played her as a main

character for very long.   I hooked her up with my

paladin (Angelstear) and the two of them grew

together in level..

Lacy's name was given to her by a friend in my very

first guild.  Erudite women are one of the very

few races that  can dress lacy and frilly so

I kept the name.  I took lacy to 65 then stopped playing

her and the Paladin and started playing the mage and druid again.

I doubt I will ever play Lacy as a main again although

when I do break her out, I have to admit I do enjoy it.

It's a lot of fun to be able to change race of yourself and

your group members and crowd control is always

a rewarding challenge.  I usually keep her in Dark Elf form

because Erudite's have such horrible vision.

Lacy has about 45aa and pretty much staying at 65

for now.  

Hmmmm .... I kinda feel like playing her again now.... lol


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