~:~ Lost Butterfly ~:~
Not always flying on soft easy breezes.
The storms come too and dampens the wings.
Not always smiling and doing what pleases.
It's like being a caged bird; unable to sing.

Sweet pollen can sour when left for too long...
though the flower's so beautiful in color.
But the pollen can be venom if taken in wrong...
and flight can be stolen by the jar of a lover.

Sometimes it's easier going where the wind blows...
hoping to settle where there is only blue sky.
Trying to catch tails of the far and few rainbows...
that are crafted by sun and the tears in my eyes.

~:~ PrpleTears ~:~


A dear friend responded to this poem...it was so beautiful...I had to include it.

Dear Sad Butterfly

When your wings are wet,and you feel you can't fly
I'll be the sun to warm your wings dry

When in need of a smile, as you search new inspiration
I'll be the song to bring new revelation

When love holds you captive, and of few holes to breath
I'll stand by your side, until you're ready to leave

When your freedom searches, as your dreams need no end
I'll be your rainbow when in need of a friend.


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Dear: Tears