Download Atari Emulator and M.U.L.E.


HERE    or Here both are the same zip file. 


The real M.U.L.E.  put out by Atari and Commadore 64 in early 80's

(yeah, I'm old.. YAY!)

realmule.jpg (22618 bytes)


(( Below instructions are for single player only, no clue how to hook up to servers, this link is to

a site called Atari Mule Online and lots of info there on getting to know others

who DO play each other online. Like I said, this page was pretty much created

for my own personal refrences, altho I am sure it may be stumbled on by others now and then.

HUGE thanks to the AMO peeps for access to the zip's above)


OK here's how I did it for this computer I am on.. running Windows98se...

Unzip the file in it's own package..

1. click on  file.. RESET EMULATOR.BAT (leave running)

2. open atari folder click the

Wham, that's it.

Controls for me.. on the keyboard...

f1 =help

f2=option (lets me pick game skill)

f3= select (lets me pick one player)

f4=starts the game

left control button acts like the play button .. use this to pick plots etc...

the arrow keys between the num pad and the letter pad are the movements.

note to self* to pick the corner characters like the human, press the right arrow and bottom arrow together.


that's it!