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(( This page created for Me so I dont lose or forget how to play this game on my PC EVER AGAIN!!))

Installation Instructions and Link to program...CLICK HERE

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Select your your species.

Tournament offers 12 months to work with and Crystite


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Watch the ship leave......view current stats of all players.


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Run fast!! You are being timed here...

Food - Energy - Smithore or Crystite


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Pick plots of land you want as the black square lands on it..  (one per round)

Note to self*  I always take a river spot and a flat spot first for my own energy and food)


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Occational land auctions can get you extra land!!



Some common "situations?" ...can make or break the round!

These happen off and on in between rounds.

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A little yellow blink you see in the mountains off and on is the Mountain Wumpus..

catch him for a little extra $$

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borrowed this pic from.. Jack's MULE page mine sucked!


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buy sell....

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buy and sell more... and hope you come out on top at the end of the round!