~:~ Soul Storm ~:~

And the rains came and filled my soul with sadness.
Why, I do not know; unusual for me it's true.
Draining my goodness while screaming with madness
seeing my world through a dark greyish hue.

Standing in the storm clenching fists and glaring.
Facing my evils for on demons they ride.
Liars, manipulators, my heart they were sharing.
On bended knees waiting for the rain to subside.

While mourning my losses that dark summers eve,
I looked to the clouds and then closed my eyes.
I begged for an answer, why was I deceived?
Reaching for the heavens, only one star in sight.

So I'll send forth my spirit to dispose of my pain,
to shackle the demons and hatred inside.
Rising above sorrow and griefs what I gain,
as I grasp for my star, holding on tight.

~:~ PrpleTears ~:~

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