A little about Tearsy:


My first toon was a Necromancer named Tearoshiba.

Now this was back in the time of NO POK and when boats

were a normal way to travel and traveling could take half

your play time.  Well Tearoshiba needed a ride, plain

and simple.  So this is when Tearsy came into play.

At this time still only having one account and one machine

I created Tearsy, knowing sooner or later I'd have to break down

and buy another account.  I played Tearsy till she was about 35

and then got the account, transferred her to it and she was

Tearoshiba's side-kick for ports, regens, skins.. great pair these two.

Almost as soon as she got all her port spells... POP came out

and Tearoshiba really didn't need her for that.   I then started

grouping Tearsy more instead of duo'ing her only and next thing

I knew, I was playing Tearsy exclusively.  I love Tearsy to death.

And yes it's very true "Druids are the Jack of All trades, and

master of none"  and I am fine with that.   Tearsy today plays

steadily with my mage, buffing and healing, all those

wonderful things druids are good for.  The necro is "on the shelf".

Tearsy is right up there in my top list of favorite toons and

always will be.  She is level 68 and I am undecided where to go

with her; level or aa wise.  She has over 105 aa atm and I

have just left her at regular exp for quite a while now.

She needs a few upgrades, but in time I'll

hook her up as she deserves to be.


Update August 12, 2008... Tearsy is now lvl 70 with a few more AA

but I have yet to play her as main again.   Been thinking about it lately though.

Have updated her equipment  some, still not enough.

Tearsy Girl

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