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Quicky Traveler Tips



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To Talk : Press Ctrl

Sound not coming in clear to others?
Run your Microphone wizard. Edit / settings/ Microphone. (the wizard is self explanitory)

To send a text message to another avatar: 2 main ways to do this, 1- right click on their head and use "send text option" Or 2- ... click Locate on top tool bar/ list who is in space, highlight their name, use text option.

How to put someone on ignore: right click their head, use ignore option.

Important settings:
~~~ While in your window, go to edit/settings, on the first page there are 3 slide bars. Bar one and two control the sounds the space creator has added to the room. The 3rd controls the other avatars voices. Adjust accordingly.

~~~ Put a check in the small box under the slide bars; "sound active when in Traveler." This will allow you to hear the people when you are in the window of another program.

~~~Setting Your Cache To Never---(edit/settings/cache)
Big debates about whether to do this or not, (edit/settings/cache)
If you set your cache to never you will get to the rooms faster AFTER the first visit.
However, any changes to the space made in the future will not take.
OnLive would prefer you leave your cache set to once per session.
Choice is yours.


Avatar Movements:
Forward: up arrow
Backwards: down arrow
Turning head left and right: left and right arrows.
Raising and lowering: alt + up and down arrows.
Sliding Left and right: alt + left and right arrows
Spinning head (dancing): insert and delete keys
Head Crooked? : use END key
Look up and down: page up and page down keys
( all these movements can be done faster by adding the shift key to them)

To view your own avatar:
Press Ctrl and the letter "i" key at the same time. There are 4 views, continue pressing "i" key to get back to normal position.

To Paint your Avatar: Go to Edit/ Customize your avatar / appearance. This is a drag and drop pallette, click the color, then drag it to the avatar you have chosen.

You can have 32 different screen names.

**** When you see an Avatar upside down.... it means they are away from their computer.****


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