My Angel


~:~ The Welcoming ~:~

I know you are near me sorrow taker.
I can sense your presence
and your visit is welcome here.
I fear not your company
for your gift is my dream; my wishes.
Your breath is fresh air to me
and your glow is a glorious pure light
that I have hungered for.

The gaping hole has stolen my song,
raped me of my reason,
my hopes and will to travel forward.
I will lay in your arms prepared
to ride on the path you carry me
before the world unravels...
fades and leaves me
completly lifeless yet breathing.

End this journey, my failing quest
through this never ending tunnel I walk.
Where words cut like knives
and touches are as fridgid
as a soul who thrives on hate.
Enless, darkening pits I see before me
and my plate too full to bear.

Lay me softly on your bed of glass;
the mirror of reason for my being.
I will learn from the rays of hope
that are cast brightly on my face.
I will thrive on the essence of my own peace,
and shine brighter than any other star.
You are welcome here tonight my angel
but please, take me with you when you go.


~:~ PrpleTears ~:~

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